Collage is a fantastic medium. I think its totally great to play with existing images and let new ones emerge. I reccommend collage for everyone  -it's easy, accessible and awesome creative fun. 

 Collages from Transittree: Oak Couture Project 

The Collage Mural Project was a project I started in London in 2008. The idea was to create informal gatherings of people in which we would use old magazines to create collages that explored ideas and commented on the topic of climate change. All the collages were collaged together as a giant, expanding collage on a wall becoming a 'collage mural'. The project grew from weekly weekend collage sessions to ones taking place all around London and finally to an event.exhibition that took place in Gallery 491 in London.  

The project was loads of fun and gave everyone the chance to get creative and enter into a dialogue around climate change - how we got to where we are at and how we are going to get to where we want to go.

The project allowed participants to witness arts' role as healing facilitator, communication vehicle and envisioning tool.
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Collage @ The Heart Space, Muizenberg

 The collage project provides a structure that can be taken into many different contexts. We are experimenting using collage as part of the MuizenMural painting project I am involved in as a way to come up with the imagery and ideas for each mural.

I am happy to facilitate collage sessions for any project or group. You are welcome to get in touch with me to book your own collage session or chat through ideas on how we can incorporate collage into your project. 

Travelling in South East Asia 06/07

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Collage Mallorca 04

Why is the ice melting?
-collage in here-


Collage Mural Project -London event.exhibition 08