I have worked in the film and television industries since the end of 2002.

I took the skills and experience I gained from working on commercials and the feature film 'The Fall' to London in 2004. There, I was fortunate to work on a variety of productions including two series' of BBC's Waking The Dead. Working as Standby Art Director allowed me to represent the Art Dept on set and work closely with the DOP and Directors. The Standby Art Director's job is also about keeping a keen artistic eye on each frame that passes through the camera - an excellent way to keep my visual understandings exercised in terms of composition, light and camera. 

Lab Set, Waking The Dead

 Another lunch at Waking The Dead

Sideways view of me in a 'Lost Boy' mask and half of Marcus (one of my fab propmen) in the fake snow

I was very happy to work on the Film London funded 'Shifty' - based on the true story of a Muslim crack dealer. We shot this fast paced feature film in only 3 weeks, with all departments working out of one truck. Quite a rush! But worth the effort as the film was screened in cinemas around the UK and has been nominated for a BAFTA.

Still from 'Shifty'
In London, I also got to work with Bill Nighy, laugh at the live weekly antics of Ant and Dec, have a drink with Christian Slater, film in all kinds of fab and not so fab London locations and experience being taught by Terry Ackland Snow (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Batman, Superman, The Labyrinth etc) at Pinewood Studios. 

Driving with Terry- off to Friday country pub lunch

Yay! Its Baby Spice!

Ant / Dec

Arriving back in SA I got to work on the SABC 'Hopeville' series, landing up in the tiny town of Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga. With no prop houses to hire from I found myself in and out of the locals' house borrowing furniture, curtains and rugs, meeting some pretty endearing characters and being laiden with lentil stews and melk terts.

Hopeville 2008

Cape Town saw me set dressing 'Glamour and Gloria' - a German made film based on Jurgen Harksen. And for the rest I have been busy with commercials.

Gosser commercial - Long St, Cape Town

I love working in film because of its quick pace, and immediate need for creative problem solving. I also get to be bossy and visit all kinds of amazing places. No two days are the same and I get to bond with all different kinds of peoples through long hours on set or off. 

 Party time with new found friends Kate and Norah @ ITV, London

Another fab friend, Emma -  discovered during hours and weeks and months of filming

Idealy I would love to be a creative co-director of a film that pushes all known boundaries of filmic visual possibilities whilst inspiring minds and flying hearts in hot air ballons above lands elegant and eclectic. Be hardcore in a direct engagement with subject matter that is relevant to where we are at and where we want to go as a species. And be as environmentally responsible as possible. There is enough time and budget not to have to throw so many water bottles in the rubbish. 


M&M's Commercial  SA 10

 Pinewood Studios, London

Working on drawings for the film draughting course I did. Original Batmobile drawings and photos in the background on wall.


''Glamour and Gloria''               Two Oceans Productions                                                          Jan – April  09
Worked as Lead Set Dresser on the 2 part German TV Film under Art Director: Darryl Hammer

‘’Slapper’’                                    Celador Films                                                                                     Sept 07

Short Film Written and Directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor.  Worked as Standby Art Director under Production Designer: Erik Rehl

‘’Shifty’’                                       Between the Eyes                                                                        August 07     

Film London funded feature film. Worked as Standby Art Director under Production Designer Erik Rehl and Director Eran Creevy.

“The Fall”                                                         Made in Africa and Radical Media UK Production     April 04
Worked as Set Decorator’s Assistant during pre-production on the 1915 period film (SA)    Director: Tarsem Singh, Production Designer:  Ged Clarke, Art Director: Lisa Hart, Set Decorator: Riccardo Pugliese


TV Drama:

''Hopeville''                                       Curious Pictures                                                    November 08 – December  08

A six part South African TV drama series for SABC 2. Worked as Set Decorator under Art Director: Karel Flint

“Waking the Dead’’                          BBC                                                                                  January 06 – October 06

Standby Art Director on the BBC Drama, under Production Designer: Jonathan Taylor and Art Directors: Norah Marshall and Nick Harding

“Waking the Dead”                          BBC                                                                                  January 05 – August 05

Standby Art Director on the BBC Drama, under Production Designers: Mark Tanner and Colin Monk and Art Directors: Debra Overton and Lucienne Suren.

“Waking the Dead”                          BBC                                                                                  October – December 04

 Art Department Assistant under Production Designer: Mark Tanner



‘’Dove’’                           Evidently Corporate Video Production, (UK)                                         May 08

“”                Love Productions, Art director: Dan Betteridge (UK)                     October 04

 “OceanSpray II”            Peter Gird Productions, Art Director: Thomas Reynecke (SA)                           May 04

 “’’           Peter Gird Productions, Art Director: Thomas Reynecke (SA)                           April 04
 “Rabea Expressions”                 Shakin’ the Tree, Art Director: Richard Cook (SA)               March 04
 “Super de Boer”                 Razor Edge Films, Art Director: Dave Robinson (SA)                       March 04
‘’Skip “Pockets”            Velocity Afrika, Art Director: Richard Cook (SA)                                  March 04
“Kofola”                          Stilking Films, Art Director: Lance Mostert (SA)                               February 04
“Yoplait’’                       Velocity Afrika, Art Director: Lance Mostert (SA)                            Jan/ Feb 04
“Wanda’’                         Velocity Afrika, Art Director: Lance Mostert (SA)                            Jan/ Feb 04
 Various Commercials  under  Art Director: Belinda Johnson (SA)                                                     Dec 02- Mar 03
Music Videos:
The Rakes  ’22 Grand Job’                                                     Godman (UK)               October 05

The Streets ‘Could well Be In’  Independent, Art Director: Natasha Rand (UK)        October 04

TV: Light Entertainment:
‘’Ant & Dec’s’ Saturday Night Takeaway’’                           Granada TV                          Feb – Mar 08
                     Worked as  Art Director under Production Designer: Norah Marshal                                     Sept - Oct 07

‘’The Morning After Show’’ (Pilot)            Talkback Thames, Stage Manager: Rehanna Rafiq                  December 04

‘’Undercover Magic’’                Objective Productions, Production Designer: Rudi Thackray               November 04

‘’The Paul O’ Grady Show’’     Granada Television, Stage Manager: Rehanna Rafiq     December 04

‘’8 out of 10 Cats’’                Endemol, Art Director: Rudi Thackray                                        November 04

‘’Dirty Tricks’’                          Objective Productions, Production designer: Rudi Thackray               November 04

“Look Behind You”                    Talkback Thames, Production Designer: Rosy Thomas       October 04